JASStek is a digital innovation company that helps companies like yours leverage latest technology advancements and transforms business using innovation driven growth.

We partner with our clients towards driving technology using proof-of-concepts(POCs), proof-of-values(POVs), pilots and full-scale implementations in Advance Analytics, IoT, A.I., Mobile Apps, and Blockchain space. We are your Visualization experts.

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Mission, Vision and Values

JASStek’s Mission : JASStek’s mission is to provide great value-based, innovative, holistic and cost effective solutions that enable its clients to succeed in their daily mission.

JASStek’s Vision : JASStek’s vision is to be a leading I.T. Innovations and Technology company and provide and promote great I.T. services and solutions which benefit the local economy and community.

JASStek’s Values : JASStek’s Values are "4Cs/R" ( Four C's over R ). Commitment , Consistency , Client-Focused Service, Cultural Diversity and above all RESPECT.

Our Key Services include

Analytics- Design and Strategy


Innovative Value Added Staffing

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AR-VR Design and Strategy

Application Development & Support

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Project Management

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Blockchain and BI

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I.V. & V. Services

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Documentation , VLogs , Help Manuals

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Ongoing Product Development and Projects